Defend Dignity

defend dignity

The Prince Albert Alliance Church has partnered with Defend Dignity by launching a campaign end prostitution in Canada. We held a forum at the church on last April, which featured guest speaker Beatrice Littlechief.

“Beatrice lived a life of survival. Abandoned by her birth parents, then later by her adoptive mother, Beatrice learned to fend for herself. The use of drugs and alcohol gave her a way to flee, to forget the pain of the rejection, sexual exploitation, and abuse she faced living on the streets. Ten years ago, in desperate longing for change in her life, Beatrice cried out to God for help and He miraculously intervened. Through the love and encouragement from people at a local church, Beatrice began a relationship with God and started the journey of healing from the abuse and addictions that had so long been a part of her life. Currently, Beatrice is the Emergency Services Manager at Soul’s Harbour – a rescue mission in Regina, SK.”

Here is a little more information about the larger ministry from the Defend Dignity website.



The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada believes:

  • in the inherent dignity and value of all women, men and children made in the image of God.
  • prostitution is a form of sexual exploitation, oppression and violence especially against women and children and seriously undermines their dignity and value
  • prostitution is detrimental to a healthy society

The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada is therefore committed to the abolition of prostitution by:

  • raising awareness and public education on prostitution, sexual exploitation and sex trafficking
  • advocating for stronger legal and social deterrents to eliminate both the illicit demand for and the selling of sex
  • developing resources to empower our congregations to take action against prostitution, sexual exploitation and sex trafficking

General Information

Every woman in this country deserves our defense. Prostituted women and those at risk are voiceless and vulnerable.You can do something to change this. Take the next step and get involved in even one thing becauseā€¦..Together we can end prostitution!