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Come in during office hours or after the Sunday service and check out the library!
Over 6300 items for all ages!
Thank you to those who donated books so generously this past year. The storage cupboard originally upstairs has now been moved to the main floor. Thanks to Lorne Green who helped empty the cupboard and make this move. Duplicate books are shared with Gateway Covenant Church and when appropriate, also with Pine Grove Corrections for women or the Salvation Army.
Monday afternoons, Sharon Dice faithfully prepares books by protecting them with plastic covers and Laurie Walker empties the return box and re-shelves the library items. Part of our Mondays is spent in prayer. It is exciting to see God work in various situations.
At present we have approximately 6,300 items. As the wall space is filling up and most shelving units are full (and some have overflowed), wisdom is being sought in how best to use the space in this room and continue to bring more resources in.
Laureen Pattison