Registration opens Thursday at 9:00am and closes Friday at 12:00pm.
Things may look different then they did before, but we are thankful to be back worshiping together as a body of Christ. Below is a look at what you can expect when you walk through the doors of PAAC.
What To Bring: At this time the wearing of masks, while in the church building, is mandatory. If you forget yours at home we do have disposable ones at the doors.
We are unable to give out any paper resources (bulletins, offering envelopes, Daily Breads, etc.) at the moment. The weekly bulletin and connect cards can be found on our website and offering envelopes and Daily Breads can be found in the mailbox at the front of the church.
Registration: At this time pre-registration is required for all in-person services to insure adequate seating. We understand that this is less then ideal, but taking into the current guidelines we see this as the best option. We have tried to make this process as quick and painless as possible.
By clicking on the Service Registration box above you will be directed to the registration form. Once completed click submit button at the bottom of the form. A confirmation window will pop up right away (you will not be sent a confirmation email).
On Friday afternoon you will be sent an email instructing you what door to use on Sunday morning.
Arriving: With the information gathered in the instructional email sent on Friday you can expect the following based on where you will be sitting:
Sanctuary & Balcony: Using the east doors (Door 1) to enter the building, a greeter will meet you inside. Once inside you will be directed around the waiting loop – where at the end you will find a seating chart (please make note of the blue marks on the floor if there are others in front of you). Locate your name and head either forward to the Sanctuary, or upstairs to the Balcony. From there an usher will show you to your seat. 
Family Room & Upper Room: Using the north doors (Door 2) to enter the building, you will find a paper at the top of the ramp with your name and room listed. From there head either downstairs or upstairs (depending where you have registered). Once you arrive at your particular room an usher will show you to your seat.
Dismissal: After the service please remain sitting while an usher or pastor will dismiss you by section. Your section number will be found either in-front of you or on the wall behind you. Once outside please remember to practice physical distancing as you visit with those around you.